Can EYE take your order? A long-time family favorite is Steak-n-Shake. In addition to the cool hats, those cutout cars are over the top. Photo courtesy of Jo Mama.

Deer in the backyard

Jo scoped (no, not that kind of scope) these deer frolicking in the underbrush right beyond our yard. That little feller looks like he could turn into a viscous flower muncher soon.

Steve and Jo at falls

JoAnne and I standing in front of Amicalola Falls located in the North GA mountains. After a rugged, grueling hike that took us at least 30 minutes (it was all uphill, go figure) we reached this breathtaking vantage point.


A trip about an hour north of Alpharetta will land you smack dab in the middle of gold country. Yep, that’s right. Gold. The real stuff. We’re standing right in front of an old mine shaft shortly after emerging with a small group after the tour. Gold is no longer being mined here but we did get to pan for a little bit before heading back to the city. I think EYE found about 50 cents worth – not even enough for gas money đŸ™‚

Ben and Emily on the beach

Ben and Emily diggin some down time at the beach after a long day enjoying all the fun that Seagrove has to offer.

Emilys LoL photogrid

Thanks to Mama Jo for taking the pictures of Emily on her big Locks Of Love day. EYE loves the before and after with Emily holding the evidence in between. Job well done, both of you!

Emily haircut

This picture is of Emily shortly after she donated 10″ of her own hair to the Locks of Love foundation. She had grown her hair out for over a year to be able to donate hers. Way to go Emily, we are all proud of you!

Ben and Dad at baseball

One of the more important jobs a parent can play for the team during the season is that of the dugout coach aka the gatekeeper. EYE was also a head coach while the regular coaches went on vacation. A perfect 2-0 record. Here EYE can be seen going over the scouting report on the opposing pitcher and giving last minute batting instructions. Ben got a hit on his next at bat!

Baseball through the fence

Sports journalist Jo Mama catches her boy through the chain link of the dugout. The fence is there to protect the players from their moms during games. This policy was put in place at the beginning of the 9/10 year old season about the same time as the teams no longer had a team mom.

Ben in the hole

Here is Ben “in the hole” as they say in baseball. For those not in the know with baseball speak, that means he is next to being “on deck”. Now if you are wondering what on deck means, that would be the batter up next after the batter now hitting. Whew!

Sonic Night Out

EYE surprised Mama Jo and family one night with a trip to Sonic. This is one of Ma Jo’s favorite spots for the limeade iced tea (EYE think EYE got that right). We also saw some hotrodders there with their cars from the 60’s. Emily really liked that.

Boogie Boarding

Everybody go surfing, surfing USA…oh yeah, Emily and EYE on our boogie boards catching some narly waves at the bea-a-uuu-tiful white sand beaches of Seagrove, FL. Surfs up, dudez

Steve and Jo

Here EYE am with my sweetheart, the lovely Miss Jo. Aren’t we a good looking couple?

Mama Jo and Emily

Here’s Emily and Mama Jo aka “my 2 girls”. Taken at Wills Park during one of Ben’s baseball games.

Dad and Emily at library

Emily and EYE in the library ‘studying’. The subject? Mustangs, of course. Once again Mama Jo comes out of nowhere to snap a photo. How did she find us? I bet Ben told her.

Emily and Dad at ballpark

Emily and EYE watching Ben play baseball. Mama Jo likes to capture these special moments.


Emily is always smiling !


Mama Jo can always get Ben to smile for the camera!